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    When an interviewer asks you this question, you might be eager to end the call and say, "Nope, no questions." This would be a mistake. Having thoughtful, smart, strategic questions demonstrates your interest in the role, as well as your potential value as a future employee. They want to hire candidates who will ask questions and move the company forward, and this can't happen if you accept everything as-is. At this stage, you should consider what your genuine concerns are regarding the role. You might ask the interviewer, "What are the company’s values? What characteristics do you look for in candidates in order to represent those values?" Or, perhaps you'll say, "What do you enjoy most about working at Company A?" Additionally, you might ask questions regarding the role specifically, like "What do you see as the most challenging aspect of the role?" or "Are there opportunities for professional development within the role and department as a whole?" Ultimately, an interview isn't just about allowing an HR professional to form an opinion of you -- it's also a chance for you to get a strong sense for whether you even want to work for the company. So use this last question to your advantage.

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