• Role
    Machine Learning Intern.
    Build AI/ML models for clients
    prepare analytics for clients
    Guide clients for Automation
    10 hours per week
    INR 10,000 per month (India)
    USD 200 per month (International)
  • Datai Inc
    Company Overview
    Datai Inc is a subsidiary of Digimedia Inc. It was founded in 2012 by Mr Ravi Varma, Mr. Vivek Siddhartha and Ms. Shivani. Ravi Varma of Toronto, Canada is the CEO. Vivek of Irving, Texas is the CTO and Shivani is the Vice President (Finance)
    Prof. Venkat R is the Chief Data Scientist. He has M.S. from University of Texas and has over 20 years of IT experience with 10+ years in Machine Learning and Data Science. Prior to joining datai, he has worked for Boeing (Irving, Texas), Deloitte (Dallas, Texas), Intel (Santa Clara, California) and Microsoft (Hyderabad, India)
    Dr. Rangaswamy is the Chief Adviser. Dr. Rangaswamy got his Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence and he is a well-known data scientist in India
    We've grown at more than 100% in each of the last 8 years and served more than 110 global and fortune 1000 corporates and institutes. We are proud to announce that we've trained more than 10,000 participants in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and NLP.
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